Projeto CanaIs

The Project

Originally from Brazil, cachaça appered on it's beginning during the Portuguese colonization, around 500 years ago, and it brought itself an important cultural concept in terms of influence on brazilian empire economic system, on the people's miscegenation, on it’s artisanal production process still kept, as well the different biomes all through the country.

Therefore, the climate and the producer’s expertise provide good sensorial analysis and experiences for all of those cachaça lovers. Being silver or gold, cachaça represents our people’s way to be, specially when it comes together with our gastronomy.

More than a distilled, cachaça (or pinga, caninha and another nicknames adopted all over different regions in Brazil) is information, jobs, agribusiness, export and tourism. On this way, Projeto Canais was set up in order to promote cachaça made in alembic of coppers as a brazilian historical and cultural good.

Projeto Canais: valuing cachaça culture.




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